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Brighton Woods Day Camp 2022

2022 Important Info!

Camp Dates: July 18-29, 2022
Please check your SPAM folder for emails from us!
Camp is coming up quickly! If you have not received your camper's unit assignment please email Firefly at brightonwoodsdaycamp@gmail.com ASAP (after you check your spam folder!)

Did you know our lovely penguins name is Peggy?

About Brighton Woods Day Camp

Brighton Woods Day Camp is a two week camp held roughly the last two weeks of July every year. It's a camp with a focus on outdoor skills and camp traditions, with lots of time built in for campers to get to know each other and enjoy being in the beautiful woods we call home. Our camp is LGBTQIA+ friendly and a supportive and welcoming environment: You are welcome here!

Some things we do every year: hike in the woods, sing camp songs, practice fire building skills, make Stone Soup (if you know, you know... and if you don't, we will teach you!), make ice cream, camp out overnight, create art, hunt for mascots, and more!

This year our theme is HALLOWEEN, all the fun but none of the spooky stuff! Think mascots in costume, think making your own costumes, think decorating and trick or treating and more. Save the spooky stuff for October, we're just having some sweet fun in the summer!

The best way to ensure your camper has a spot at camp is to volunteer!
Brighton Woods now accepts part time volunteers; we ask that you commit to at least 5 days of our 10 day session.
If you are interested in joining our 100% volunteer run camp, please click here to apply!

We are accepting teen staff applications now; if you were on teen staff last year, please fill out a new application! If you are new and interested in becoming a member of our fantastic teen staff team, please click here to apply!

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