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Brighton Woods Day Camp 2024

Important Parent Info!

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You WILL NOT receive a packet in the mail; all info about camp will be digital! ALL the information you usually receive in your welcome packet will be below. Tags used to help campers find their unit will be distributed at bus stops on the first day of camp.

Flo says thank you!

Program Info Camp Schedule What to Wear Daily Packing List Overnight Info
Emergency Info Camp Phone Number Bus Rider Info Car Rider Info Medications at Camp
SWAPS Frequently Asked Questions

Tentative camp schedule!
May be subject to change.

Daily Schedule
This may not seem like a lot, but trust us when we tell you it is! Especially with the addition of the slingshot/tomahawks course on the far end of camp, there is a TON of walking involved to get from one place to another, and it is almost always pretty hot at camp. Plus campers are carrying gear!
9:00 am arrive & amphitheater
9:30 am back to unit & kapers
10:00am Morning Activity
11:30-12 Lunch
12:30-1:30pm Afternoon Activity
1:30-2:30 Free Time and Kapers at the Unit
Afternoon Amphitheater

Week One
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Orientation T-shirt/Picture Day Stone Soup Ice Cream Animal Day
Week Two
Sleeping Bag Day Optional All Camp
& Lunch at camp!
Skits! Cleanup &
Farewell Party

Program Info

Brighton Woods Day Camp has been in operation for over 40 years, with a focus on getting campers outdoors, working together on camp skills and having lots of silly fun. We have four mascots who represent our first four directors: Harriet the Hippo, Civvie the Frog, Flo the Flamingo, and Peggy the Penguin. These lovely ladies come with their own "creation" myth and feature prominently in our antics and fun at camp! Some of our traditions include the mascot hunt where campers search and find mascots hidden around camp to earn prizes from Headquarters, awarding Flo the Flamingo to the unit of the day, and more.

The program of camp is heavily scout led, with our teen staff stepping up to lead most activities. Campers vote on almost everything and participate in choosing various aspects of the program so that they are vested in all that they do at camp. They also choose their ice cream flavors, menu for the overnight, and more.

We believe it's our privilege to work with your campers here in the woods and hope to facilitate them having so much fun, feeling accepted and safe, learning new skills, building friendships, and creating memories!

What to Wear

Dressing for camp is key to having a good day at camp! Your camper will be walking on uneven, rough ground, in woods full of ticks and other assorted creepy crawlies. That's not even mentioning the poison ivy! We won't police what campers wear except to ensure safety; for example not having sturdy closed toe shoes will mean a call home for new shoes!

Check out this camper's unique Brighton Woods style! Silly camp outfits are part of the fun! Your camper will need knee high socks, shorts that aren't TOO short, a hat or bandana (bandanas are cooler!), and sturdy shoes that tie or velcro on.

Daily Packing List!

Bus Info

Bus pickup and drop off times are between 8 amd 8:30 am, and 4 pm and 4:30pm, depending on the location of your stop.

Bus stops will be at or in the vicinity of these locations:
Grove Shopping Center (near Shady Grove Metro)
Goshen Safeway
EB Wood MS
Cloverly Safeway
Eastern MS
Pinecrest ES
St. Peter's Church

Car Rider Info

This year we will only be accepting a LIMITED number of car riders to keep things running smooothly. If your child is able to ride the bus, please have them do so! If you have an idea for a stop location, please email Firefly and let me know! Priority will be given to groups who are able to carpool so please try to reach out to your community and see if you can set up a carpool with other kids in your area. Drop off will be at 9:10am, and pick up will be at 3:30 pm. If you are driving, you need to understand that priority on camp roads is given to the buses, who cannot turn around or pull over on any of the one-way road sections. You may need to WAIT until the buses have left, to leave camp. In addition, it should go without saying, but... please DRIVE SLOWLY through our beautiful camp; the roads are rough and full of potholes and our camp is full of happy campers!

Overnight Info

All campers of every age are allowed to sleep over on our all camp overnight. For many campers this is their first time camping, or being overnight away from parents. Only the parents of the child can really decide if their child is ready for an overnight; campers who leave early will be able to return for breakfast the next morning.

Campers will sleep in our glen shelters; these are wooden structures with a roof but no cots or beds of any kind. A bed roll or pad of some type is a great thing to send with your camper for their comfort... but most kids do fine without it too!

Please keep in mind while packing that campers should be able to carry their own gear! Sleeping bags will be taken to their unit by their leaders; but they will need to carry their own bag with their clothes/toiletries/overnight items. Let them help pack so they know where everything is, and let them help practice carrying it!

Even more overnight info is here!

And the overnight permission form is here!

Overnight Packing List

Emergency Info

We use Remind to send texts to all parents in case of emergency. Please make sure you sign up for our all camp remind as well as the remind for the bus or car riders; staff will use those to let you know if a bus is running late or any other information you may need last minute.

Brighton Woods REMIND list

Camp Phone Number

The best way to contact camp is via email: brightonwoodsdaycamp@gmail.com. When you receive your unit information you will also receive contact info for your unit leaders and a phone number for Firefly!

Medications at Camp

Bringing Medication to Camp Form
You may have already filled out the necessary forms on CampDocs! If you need to fill out a form, we should have contacted you. If you are sure you did not fill out the form on CampDocs, the forms are linked below.

For most medications, please administer them before or after camp; thus no form is needed for us! If your camper needs a medication at camp, please download and fill out this form and send it in with the medication in a ziplock bag clearly labeled with their name and unit number. The camper will need to turn that in to First Aid and it will be kept there.

If your child needs to bring an Epi Pen or emergency inhaler to camp, please fill out one of these:
Asthma Inhaler form/action plan
Epi Pen/Allergy Info


What are SWAPS? Swaps are a Girl Scout tradition and an acronym that stand for "Special watchamacalits affectionally pinned somewhere." If you haven't encountered swaps before in your troop, here is some information about the history of swaps in Girl Scouting. At camp, we as camp give out a lot of swaps! Unit of the day gets a swap, there is usually a theme related swap, there may be a swap related to various activities we do. On the last day of camp, during our camp party, everyone is able to swap with everyone else; which is a great way to really get kids talking to each other and getting to know each other and to have something to remember each other by during the year. It's great to have a place for campers to put their swaps! Some campers put them on their water bottle holders, or on a hat, or on a piece of fabric they hang on the wall; there are tons of ideas if you google "girl scout swaps!" Swaps do NOT need to be expensive or extremely time consuming. As for how many swaps to bring to camp, that really depends on your child and how much they WANT to swap; 50 swaps is a great baseline, but at least 15-20 to be able to participate. Generally speaking we try to provide time for campers to work on swaps during camp, but it's great for them to have an idea about what they'd like their swap to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've read all of the above and still have questions, maybe it is answered here...!

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